Loch Ken Viaduct

The Portpatrick and Wigtonshire line crosses Loch Ken from north-east to south-west, in its westerly course towards Portpatrick. Click on any image for a more detailed view (generally aproximately 20kb).

[Picture 1]
1. Standing on the shore underneath the north-eastern approach to the viaduct.
[Picture 2]
2. From the south-west shore, looking across the loch to the previous viewpoint.
[Picture 3]
3. Standing on the trackbed of the stone approach spans, roughly above where I took picture 1.
[Picture 4]
4. From halfway across, the centre of the third arch.
[Picture 5] [Picture 6]
5, 6. The viaduct seen from almost broadside on.

The northern end of the viaduct has been gated off to prevent anything larger than a dog from getting onto it - prior to that it used to be used as an access to houses on the south side of the loch. However lengths of missing or rotten decking means that this is not a good idea nowadays ...