Water Of Fleet Viaduct

The modest watercourse of the Big Water Of Fleet presented an obstacle to the railway builders, running as it does down a broad valley. This was crossed on a long, tall viaduct with slender stone piers. During the Second World War, the piers were strengthened by being encased in brick, so as to take the weight of the heavy freight trains which were being routed over this line. Click on any image for a more detailed view (generally aproximately 20kb).

[Picture 1]
1. A general view of the viaduct, looking from the north-west on a level with the trackbed.
[Picture 2]
2. From ground level, on the north side with the sun highlighting the brickwork of the piers, and reflected light showing the iron banding on the stonework above.
[Picture 3]
3. A long view of the viaduct from the south.
[Picture 4]
4. The western third, from ground level by the water, showing brick and stonework.
[Picture 5]
5. Trespassers W.

Again the viaduct is gated off, with a BRB notice warning of dire penalties for trespass.