Inventions page

Over the years I have gained an interest in architecture and designing things. I find I can be very frustrated when something goes wrong. I get most of my ideas from a chindandeu book translated from Japanese to English. I have just recently started a rather large invention, to create my own solar system which I am only going to do earth, but I may after a long while do the other planets. in a parreall universe to ours, and it must have a past, a present, and a future.
    I also enjoy star gazing into the future, to see what man has created for us to polluted a little more. Another book I get ideas from is How the future began. A bit misleading I know, as we are in the present; always have always will. But again, that can be misleading, for now, the year 2002, 1234 AD is in the past, but in that year it was present.
        But now, I am sure you would like to see some of my inventions?
    To start with, you must meet to of my (rather small) inventions.


Fleas (Frustrating Little Elephants and Spit) are, indeed, only done when you are fustrated.There are actually, if you look carefully, through a times 1,000,000x mircoscope, they really are fustrated little elaphants and spit.Or little pencil markings on the page.

Mr Noname. (This is not his name)

This is not going to be named.Never has never will.So I don't see why I should start now.

I think I could make a solar system.I shall start off with earth, and get further and further into the universe.