Alastair's mini web-page

    Here is one of the poems I write in my spare time.
 This is called "My mechanic's wires"

    My Mechanic's Wires

    My Mechanic's wires,
    They give him lots of stress.
    And they really make a lot of mess.

    My Mechanic's in a pickle
    He's definitely in a stew
    And he just does not know what to do!

    My Mechanic really should,
    Get a job that suits him
    He says he would,
    As long as it is not cleaning dustbins!


I am Spider.
Do not be afraid of me,
for I am good.
I wouldn't hurt a fly,
No, thats not true,
I would.


Apples falling, crunching as they hit the ground.
Under-average weather
Till the the leaf dropping seasons over
Under the Autumn sun
Menacing children sneak out to play
Numb fingers as they come in.