Bakewell to Buxton and the Midland line to Manchester

Unfortunately I've lost both my notes for the captions and the separate pictures I have of Millers Dale station and area, so check back here for updates in a few months - thanks.

  Bakewell Station, remains of the up side buildings.  MR bounday marker in front of them rather than behind them - probably not in its original location !  You can still see the outline of the Midland Railway canopies in the soot, 40 years after closure. Bakewell Station, down side buildings seen from the road side.  Again the outline of the awning is clear.  I don't remember if those are Wyverns (the MR crest) above the pillars, or some Ducal device. Setting off down the trail. Hassops (?) station, now in private occupation.  Sorry about the finger.  

  A view back at Hassops.  Don't now remember what that crenellated building is ... The public Monsal Trail skirts the tunnels - guided tunnel walks continue through the gate. A public service message (not associated with the National Parks). Rock layering in the cuttings.  As we ascend we move from Millstone Grit into limestone country. Brick buttresses support the cutting sides approaching XXXX tunnel.  

  Southern portal of Headstone tunnel, note unusual shape of archway - when was it rebuilt and why ? Entering Headstone tunnel Inside Headstone tunnel, a sooty Midland Railway milepost 156 (measured from St.Pancras via Chaddesden) Exiting Headstone tunnel Looking back at northern portal of Headstone Tunnel.  Public footpath avoiding the tunnel comes in from the left.  

  Approaching Cressbrook Tunnel Concrete base of signal post on the approach to Cressbrook Tunnel  


  Unfortunately I ran out of film at this point so couldn't picture Chee Tor tunnels, Millers Dale or the overgrown platforms of Blackwell Mill Halt, one of BR's smallest stations.  

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