The Glasgow Central Railway - Glasgow London Road

To the East of the city centre, the Glasgow Central Railway opened its extension from Bridgeton Cross to Carmyle in 1987. The National Library of Scotland maps of 1895 show all the area as being fields from about Parkhead outwards. Nevertheless this line was built in tunnel underneath the London Road from Bridgeton to Parkhead.


The present day electrified line curves away south, behing walls in the background of the first picture. The London Road line platform is isolated but still intact, underneath the pavement of the road above. Here the line enters the cut and cover tunnel to Parkhead.

londonrd_2 londonrd_1

Parkhead South

Parkhead South on this line, opened by the Caledonian in 1897, is not to be confused with the earlier Parkhead (renamed Parkhead Stadium in 1952) on the Glasgow Union line, a few hundred yards to the north.

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