Langley Mill, Heanor and Ripley branch, Midland, 2005

  Goods Junction, Bailey Brook Heanor Goods Junction to main line Langley Mill passenger curve Photo12_20A Photo13_21A  

  Photo14_22A Photo15_23A Photo17_25A Photo18_26A Photo20_28A  

  Photo21_29A Photo22_30A Photo25_33A Photo06_2A Photo07_3A  

  Photo08_4A Photo09_5A Photo16_12A Photo17_13A Photo10_6A  

  Photo11_7A Photo12_8A Photo13_9A Photo14_10A Photo15_11A  

  Heanor Mid looking across Bailey Brook Heanor Mid station site Heanor Mid up direction Heanor Mid down direction Heanor Mid road bridge  

  Loscoe twin overbridge Twin overbridge 2  

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