IntroInfo Hi everyone; My nickname is Ali, or Levo, but my real name is Alastair Leverton. Nice to meet you.I have always had an interest in electronics, especially computers and laborious inventions.Here is my web site that I designed and I enjoy updating and adding other pages regularly.Many thanks to all the web sites that have given me great graphics and also my Dad, who puts it up on the internet for me.

I am 10 years old and my birthday is on the 24th December.
I have a little brother called Alex.

School     I go to Nottingham High School Preparatory School.I enjoy
it there and my form teacher is Mr. Jones. My class is 5J. Corretion - I am now in the summer holidays, half way in between both. I am in the class 6A also, and my form teacher is also Mrs Anderton.Take your pick.I am in the school cross country for under 10's and under 11's  and rugby team for under 10s and I very much enjoy runningstill though .

      The X-Country team                                                The Prep school
What I like  I like just about all sports apart from wrestling, but I especially enjoy
archery, swimming football and of course, running and my favourite
music is pop, jazz and classic.
    I have many friends. A few to mention are Oliver Metcalfe, Louis
Resnick, Alex Lewington, Joshua Still, Matthew Antoniak, Oliver Perkins and George Bignall.

My favourite books are PONGWIFFY & HARRY POTTER.I have just
finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to complete the
set. My favourite has to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by miles. I
also like another author named Diana Wyne Jones.She writes the
Chestramnci Series.To e-mail me my address is  alastair at
In my opinion, Diana is an amazing author.She has writen  books probably the most famous is harmed Life, the first book, unless you ount the Lives of hristopher hant, whih everything is at least 25 years before.I don't mean to boast, but m dad's friend knows Diana Wynne Jones in person!If you want to read her books, they are usualy about £5.99 but is well worth it.
         Here is the link to her website.

My Favourites My favourite foods are
    cranberry & pork pie.

I enjoy take-aways once in a while (sigh) and I like KFC and MacDonalds.

I spend most of my time on the computer or doing my homework.
My favourite  subject is English as I am very good at it and I also like Math's
and History and computers.

My favourite program is The Simpsons. My favourite character is
Homer and my favourite phrase is Doh!
    Just recently I was reading and the phrase is actually in the Oxford
Dictionary. Yes! so now when your mum/dad/teacher tell you off for
saying it, you can just show em' the proof!

My favourite channel is Sky 1.
My favourite programs are the Simpsons, Furtrama and Yugihoh.
I enjoy poetry and songs. I always do a drawing to go with it to make it
look more lively.
Click here for some poems.

I enjoy inventing stuff, but many people critise them and call it junk.
Click here to view some of my inventions.

Need an online Dictionary? Click here Need an online thesaurus?   Click here

Perhaps you need a map?   This website really has everything doesn't it!
I have said, I like art and I would always have like to own an art gallery, but I never knew It would be on the net!This picture link is in colourscape a large, inflatable "gallery" with no pictures but the walls are different colours instead.

Want to play some online games?  checkers,battleships,connect4
Click here
        I have followed the Harry Potter and the Simpsons Phenomenon
     and made some tropial fish, Simpsons and a Harry Potter mini website.
 click on the Harry Potter card to go to the Harry Potter webpage,

click on the cute little shark to view the tropcial fish top trumps

click on the Simpsons ard to go to the Simpsons website
Appréciez tout le monde!
    Enjoy everybody!
Genießen Sie jeder!
    ¡Goce todos!
Goda ognuno!
    Aprecíe todos!


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